is Better WEb IT?

My name is Miranda and I am the founder of Better Web IT. I am an IT professional based in Brisbane who has a passion for order and simplicity.

Better WEb IT is here for?

Today, almost anyone can set up a website. Yet finding the time and expertise to sharpen it and make it work for you is challenging. In this web-driven market your website is a critical business tool and a poorly designed website attracts little visitors and can even be damaging to your business.


I appreciate this challenge and am here to help.


Better Web IT is for you?

Enlisting the services of a web design company can be costly and daunting. However, it is possible to have a professional website that attracts customers and is affordable for small business.


I can provide your business with the most honest and down to earth solution.

Better Web IT can help You?

Better Web IT levels the playing field by providing professional website solutions to
small business. 
I guarantee:

  • A full assessment of your online needs
  • Upfront discussion of all proposed work
  • No unnecessary jargon
  • No surprise fees
  • Appropriate handover and training
  • A sleek and simple solution