Most frequent questions and answers

WordPress is the No.1 content management system (CMS) online. 25% of all sites on the web use WordPress. It is a proven technology and at Better Web IT we have found that it empowers small business owners as they can take control of their online presence without technical skills.

Managed WordPress hosting is where the hosting company handles all the technical aspects of running WordPress.

Better Web IT provides managed WordPress hosting. This means we handle speed, security, WordPress updates, software conflicts, daily backups, website uptime and scalability for you.

That is no problem at all! If you are happy with your current hosting provider we can still build your website. Alternatively, we can transfer your domain and hosting to our servers before building your site.

A mobile responsive website is a site that can be viewed and operates properly on various screen sizes.

All websites that we build at Better Web IT are tested on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure visitors to your website get the best experience possible regardless of the device they are using.

SSL certificates make websites secure. When you go to a website and see the s in https// you know you are visiting a secure site.

All hosting plans with Better Web IT include free SSL certificates as it is not only important to have a secure website but search engines rank your website higher if it is secure.